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      Xiangyang Changsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.


      Aluminium iso-propoxide

      Chemcial Name: Aluminium iso-propoxide

      Molecular Weight: 204.43
      Structural Formula:
      Quality Standard: Q/ZYCH-3-1996


      Item Standard Superior First Class
      Appearance(visual inspection) Aluminium iso-propoxide White semi-transparent lump
      Melting Point 115.0-135.0℃ 110.0-135.0℃
      Aluminum Content 12.9-13.5% 12.5-14.0%
      Dissolution Test (1:10 methylbenzene) No insoluble matter No insoluble matter

      Property: White semi-transparent solid, density is 1.035g/m3, soluble in ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, benzene, methylbenzene, trichloromethane and carbon tetrachloride.
      Use: Used in isophytol, progesterone, ethisterone and other steroidal pharmaceutical raw materials, aluminic acid ester coupler raw material for rubber and plastic processing; moreover, it can also be used for active catalyst and carrier, etc.
      Packing: Packed by tinplate, or upon customers' request.