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      Xiangyang Changsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.



      Chemical Name: 2-Hydorxy-4-methoxy-benzophenone
      English Name: 2-Hydorxy-4-methoxy-benzophenone
      Molecular Formula: C14H12O3
      Molecular Weight: 228.24
      Structural Formula:

      Quality Standard: 


      Item Standard First Class Qualified
      Appearance Light yellow crystalline powder Light yellow crystalline powder
      Melting Point 62-65℃ 61-65℃
      Ash Point ≤0.1% ≤0.1%
      Content ≥99.0% ≥99.0%
      Drying Loss ≤0.5% ≤0.5%
      Decomposition Temperature 320℃ 320℃
      Heavy Metal <5PPm <5PPm

      Property & Use: The product is light yellow crystalline powder. Easily soluble in ethyl alcohol, acetone and other organic solvents, insoluble in water, non-toxic, can absorb 234-400nm UV. It is suitable for light transparent rubber products. As UV absorber for soft and hard PVC, polyester, PS and acrylic resin; as UV light absorber for vinyl coating, PU coating and alkyd resin paint. The dosage is 0.15-1.5%.
      Packing: High-pressure fiber drum, net weight 20kg